Zitat: “Der Mensch lernt oft fremde Sprachen, nur seine eigene nicht. Er studiert auch eifrig fremde Menschen, doch seinen eigenen inneren Menschen lernt er niemals kennen.” (Gottlieb Moritz Saphir)

This website exists to show my photography that I shot in and around Aachen.

  • Nature, Street, Urban, Architecture, Landscape, Plant, Astronomy, Decay,
  • Abstract, Minimal, Sharp, Blurry, Pixelated, Pattern, Serene, Symmetry, Lines,
  • Black & White, Color,
  • Retro, Modern,
  • Film, Polaroid,
  • 35 mm, Medium format,
  • Analog, Digital
  • no selfies, no food porn and no lovely cats.

This website:

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Andreas Schniertshauer born and raised in Aachen also known as Aix-la-Chapelle the westernmost town of Germany in the so called Dreiländereck (border triangle) where the borders of Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands meet in one point.

Aachen Cathedral (Silhouette) with a fish on a lance, shot during the {European market} in 2014

He loves the district of Aachen the Frankenberger-Viertel, you can start a virtual 360° panoramic tour in Aachen.