In the portfolio Aachen Cathedral, in German called “Der Aachener Dom”, I show five photographs shot inside the cathedral in the year 2013 at the UNESCO-Welterbetag, UNESCO-Welterbetag - Aachener Dom.

Many thanks to the Domkapitel Aachen for the permission for publishing.

I shot the silhouette photo from the Katschhof in 2014 and converted it to a black and white silhouette in 2015.

You can explore the Aachen Cathedral “Aachener Dom” in 360° from outside. I shot the panorama on June 2012. Watch my profile at The WorldWidePanorama where I published the cathedral as 360° panoramic image and many more interactive 360° panoramic images.

'Silhouette' in a higher resolution
Silhouette, 2014
'Dome Window and Mosaics' in a higher resolution
Dome Window and Mosaics, 2013
'Dome Octagon' in a higher resolution
Dome Octagon, 2013
'The Carolingian Octagon Palatine Chapel' in a higher resolution
The Carolingian Octagon Palatine Chapel, 2013
'Dome Choir' in a higher resolution
Dome Choir, 2013
'Dome' in a higher resolution
Dome, 2013